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Contest: Traction Summer School Training June 3rd

PostPosted: Wed May 17, 2017 1:32 pm
by PurpleBeast
Traction eRag is presenting a skills training session featuring YouTube superstar Barry Morris of Cross Training Enduro Skills. This is a skills development weekend open to novice and intermediate riders, happening on June 3rd just north of Barrie, near Horseshoe and Drury County Forest tracts.


SSCORRA has been provided with a free admission to the June 3rd Gumby Training course by Traction eRag, being held in Simcoe County, just north of Barrie . We are having a contest that SCORRA members can enter to win attendance to the Summer School Gumby Training session.

Here is how you can enter to win a spot for this course for yourself or a friend and fellow SCORRA Member:

  • Write up a story with a compelling case for why you, or a gumby friend of yours, is most deserving and in need of training.
  • Stories can be funny, serious or whatever, but please keep them PG-rated since SCORRA is a family-oriented club.
  • Pictures or video and making us laugh are always a good thing!
  • The person being nominated must be a SCORRA member.
  • Post the story/photos/video on the SCORRA Forum as a reply to this thread.
  • Deadline for entries is Sunday, May 28th at midnight
  • The SCORRA Board will choose the winning entry and announce the winner on Monday, May 29th.
SCORRA/OFTR members also receive $45 off when they use discount code “OFTR” while registering for Traction eRag Summer School courses, which is a great deal even if you don't win our contest.. This discount offer is valid until May 26th.

More information and registration can be found here:

Re: Traction eRag Summer School Training June 3rd

PostPosted: Thu May 18, 2017 8:08 am
by OrangeKoolaid
This is an awesome opportunity to learn from a unique individual, I highly recommend attending. Barry has some if the most entertaining and informative videos on the net.

I am trying to change my schedule around to attend, Id love to compare Barry's training to that of Chris Birch and Shane Watts both whose courses I've taken.

The Simcoe property is a perfect venue for this training!

Nomination: Traction Summer School Training June 3rd

PostPosted: Fri May 19, 2017 11:01 am
by PurpleBeast
I nominate my good friend and riding/beer buddy, Stormy (aka: David Aessie) for the Gumby Training session!

2016 was the 2nd year in a row that Stormy cracked his ribs while riding in Simcoe County. He OBVIOUSLY needs remedial training in proper crash technique so as not to threepeat his rib injury this year.

The first was a solo ride in 2015 when he buried the front wheel in the deep sand on the hills in Williams tract, went over the bars in a slow fall and impaled himself on a handlebar end. Ouch! That was a month off the bike. He tried to explain this lapse saying that he was distracted by some topless riders, but we've seen Franz, Brad, Don and Rob without their jerseys on, and thought that might cause you to ride your bike off the trail in search of some sharp sticks to poke your eyes out with, it would not cause you to lose control at a walking pace! :shock:

Last year, Stormy was riding the most excellent BAD Company trail in Horseshoe, and tipped over in a rutted right hand, uphill turn. Again a slow fall, but there was a small stump hiding in the debris on the side of the trail that hit his chest protector and slid off into his ribs. He really had to work hard to find such a small stump and stick it into his ribs! It seems there is nothing that Stormchazer won't do to get his hands on the Razie Award! :D

Given the slow speed at the time of the incidents, I think Stormy is definitely a gumby of the highest order, and most deserving to attend this course, and rather than have him crack his ribs for a 3rd year in a row in 2017, I think we should nip that in the bud, and give him the slot!


Here is some photographic evidence to support Stormy's nomination.....

In a later ride, once the ribs healed, Stormy reenacted his wipeout. His glove is pointing at the offending stump. Don't strain your's so small I couldn't see it either! Next year he may have to ride with a magnifying glass stashed in his pack.


Here is a closeup of the tiny sure is small, isn't it? The ladies said they wouldn't even have noticed something that small....size does matter!


Stormy was so proud of his 2nd year in a row rib injury, he even took a photo in the hospital, wanting to brag to the nurses about his stump-induced injury. The nurses weren't very impressed. They were heard giggling about the miniscule size in the hospital corridors after the examination.


And a closeup of the damage caused by that insignificant little stump, though rumour has it that Dave just wanted to show off his augmented nippleage to the nurses...


When asked about the size of his rather inadequate "stump", and his thoughts on being nominated for the Gumby Course, Stormy had this to say:

Image help Stormy face down his feelings of inadequate stumpage and help avoid a 3rd year of rib injury in a row, I respectfully ask that you seriously consider his extensive, albeit small, qualifications as a nominee for the Traction eRag Gumby Training Course on June 3rd!

<haha> <haha> <haha>

Re: Contest: Traction Summer School Training June 3rd

PostPosted: Mon May 22, 2017 9:20 pm
by OrangeKoolaid
Come on folks... lets see some more submissions..

"The Man With The Third Nipple" might be worthy and in need of the training but lets not let him win because no one else put forth a submission. <pint>

Someone else must be in need of the training and have some evidence to support it..

Re: Contest: Traction Summer School Training June 3rd

PostPosted: Tue May 23, 2017 10:34 am
by SmokeyG-Man
So this past weekend I finally got my second dirt bike ride in. I finally reached a point where I didn’t feel overly intimidated by the bike, which I admit scared me more than a little on the first ride I had at Baxter tract almost 2 weeks ago. Maybe it was the seat time, maybe it was the G2 throttle tamer I installed, maybe it was the playing around with the powervalve setting I did… I really can’t say for sure because I am far too new to the bike or the sport and my skill level can’t quantify the nuances of any mechanical changes to the bike.
It’s been some 9 years since I rode a streetbike. My riding ended when my first son was on his way into the world. Last summer my cousin’s husband let me take his KLR650 for a long ride and he told me where some offroad riding could be found in his area. Those 2 or so hours of exploring the side country roads and atv like trails rekindled that flame that was still smouldering in me. I have always had a love of 2 wheels and I forgot how much I missed the motorized variety. But it gave me an idea….
There was also this guy Barry with the slow monotone voice who’s videos I couldn’t stop watching. His humour, his life philosophy and his passion for riding resonated with me. So that got me looking last fall for a bike to start my foray into the sport. I was going to stay modest looking at some old 250 4 strokes that maybe needed some work over the winter as a project. But I lucked out on a great deal on a KTM smoker that I just couldn’t say no to. It caused significant friction with the boss at home and I am not talking the good kind. She did get over it though with the help of that same cousin who’s husband started this whole thing. It helps that this cousin of mine has become a close friend with my wife.

So here is my dilemma…. I really want to go to this training day. I want to excel at the sport, but I know I am deficient in several areas where my mountainbiking experience won’t help me like it has to get to where I am today on the dirtbike. I have absolutely no “wheelie” abilities, and I have no idea if what I am currently doing on the bike is proper or not. And bad habits die hard so I want to ensure I am not building a poor foundation.

So you say “ok, well just sign up for the class and go Gregor!” Well I would if that day was open… but the boss already has my niece’s birthday party and my youngest son’s hip hop dance class in the calendar that day… Not events that demand my presence as a #1 priority… but enough that I dare not go sign up for the training day.

So I ask you… if I won a free pass to do the training… does this win me a free pass with the wife/boss? Or would I still just be stuck in the same doghouse for going???

Re: Contest: Traction Summer School Training June 3rd

PostPosted: Sat May 27, 2017 11:22 pm
by Stormy

I would like to nominate Lisa Sandercock for this fantastic training opportunity.
Simply put..This Gumby Training would be a perfect fit for Lisa, aka – Smurfette.

If I am not mistaken, this is Lisa’s 2nd year of riding and from what I’ve observed, her love of this sport has not diminished.
Not only is Lisa a proud member of our association she is an avid watcher and attendee of Super Cross, especially if her favorite racer, Ken Roczen is racing.

Last year, Lisa attended our initial Neo Rider Session and as a result, her overall riding ability progressed smoothly.
Lisa returned to this years Neo Ride as an alumni rider where she was able to re-visit and practice a few of the more basic techniques of riding that we showed her.

This is another point in my submission for her to be nominated. Fact!! She’d receive uber type "Gumby" Training from professionals instead of from a bunch of "Gumbies" named Purple Beast and Stormy! :wink:

I feel Smurette would benefit greatly from this experience, so stop looking for a better subject, student, or candidate as you probably won’t find one.

Lisa’s desire to develop herself into a better rider is something she WILL accomplish one day, it’s only a matter of time, patience and confidence, so I guess here is yet another reason on why Lisa should be given this great opportunity.

Thank you for considering my nomination.


Lisa Braid.jpg
Smurfette studying which line she will take.
Lisa Braid.jpg (306.37 KiB) Viewed 1819 times

Lisa practicing her turning drills
Lisa1_edited.jpg (238.43 KiB) Viewed 1819 times

Re: Contest: Traction Summer School Training June 3rd

PostPosted: Tue May 30, 2017 9:25 am
by PurpleBeast
The SCORRA Board has mulled over the entrants and the winner of the freeJune 3rd Traction eRag Summer School Gumby Training slot is:

Smurfette (Lisa)!

Congratulations, Lisa. We think you'll learn a lot and have a great time at the course this Saturday!