Insurance for Bikes under 150cc

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Re: Insurance for Bikes under 150cc

Postby NuggyBuggy » Tue Apr 27, 2021 10:41 am

Just joined to share my own experience. I bought two 144cc dirt bikes (Kawi KLX140Gs) thinking they would be perfect for my 14- and 15-y olds. Only one company would insure them (Cooperators) but I had to bring my cars over and then they were charging me thousands of dollars more on my cars over my existing policy with Desjardins.

I'm bringing the bikes back to the dealer today and taking a loss of $500. I rode them a total of maybe 200 meters, from the road into my garage. The dealer said I should sell them privately and I would get more than I paid for them. I believe that looking at prices on Kijiji, but I didn't want to sell to some poor shmuck like myself who would be stuck with a bike they couldn't insure.

I understand there are lots of people riding "hot" or "dirty", but I don't want to do that. It can't be good long-term for the sport and I am not going to be sued for everything I own if something happens.

Now shopping for 230s. How it is possible that my kids would be safer on a bigger bike than a smaller bike is completely beyond me, but that's literally what Desjardins told me. <roll>
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Re: Insurance for Bikes under 150cc

Postby TimW » Sun Jun 06, 2021 9:39 am

The Co-operators just insured a 125cc for me at $136/yr. I'm the primary driver and my adult daughter (class G license only) is listed as the secondary driver. I already had a 250cc, 700cc, car and home insured with them, I'm sure that helps. They issued the 125's pink slip during the phone call within a couple minutes.
Their main line # 1-800-387-1963.
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Re: Insurance for Bikes under 150cc

Postby ThatGuyMyke » Mon Jun 07, 2021 11:55 am

Boggles my mind why these insurance companies make it so hard to insure small bikes, when they have no problem insuring 125 class bikes for road use, like Groms and the like, with full coverage.

Strange world. But I imagine it's because the small bikes are the most likely to be stolen/beaten up/ridden illegally. Wonder if that is the justification.
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Re: Insurance for Bikes under 150cc

Postby mark717 » Sun Jun 13, 2021 4:34 pm

Only good thing I see over this, is all the dimwits who let their kids ride around the parking area at Horseshoe may stay away now that we all know they're not insured....
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