ZAC Speed Hydration Packs In Stock

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ZAC Speed Hydration Packs In Stock

Postby OrangeKoolaid » Tue Jul 23, 2019 8:10 am

I had been searching for a larger hydration pack for those longer rides where you carry the extras like the Calabogie Boogie and the Algonquin 2 Day.

KLIM changed the Nac Pak and IMO is too big and does not even come with a bladder.

I saw the ZAC Speed Paks on line and became intrigued but you can't handle an on line product.

Yesterday I found ZAC Speed Paks in store at MAXXIM Motorsports in Barrie.

I'm happy with my new purchase, if your looking for a new pack go see Dave and he can hook you up!
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Re: ZAC Speed Hydration Packs In Stock

Postby PurpleBeast » Tue Jul 23, 2019 11:58 am

I've been a huge fan and user of ZACSpeed packs for many years now.

My main pack is the smallest Sprint model with the Exotec chest protector. I find it's small enough for comfort, but more than big enough to pack all the essentials for riding in Simcoe County. Note that I carry a fair amount of tools in a separate KLIM Scrambler fanny pack.

If I need to pack more stuff (like t-shirts, sponsor giveaways and such for NeoRides, or spare gas canisters and more emergency tools/gear for a long ride like the Algonquin) I'll switch to the largest Dakar pack. For NeoRides, where I'm riding slowly with a group of novices, I'll just use the regular straps. For more serious rides I'll attached the Exotec chest protector.

What I love about this system is that when you adjust the straps properly, you don't even know you have a pack on. You don't feel the weight, even with a full hydration bladder and tons of weight in the pack. It also doesn't shift as you move around on the bike, like normal hydration backpacks do, and there is less tangling and fuss than if you wear a chest protector with a hydration backpack over it.

The only downside is that if you need to get something out of the pack, and you're wearing a neck brace, you have to take off your helmet, brace and the full ZACSpeed pack to get at it. Or you ask your buddies to get your wallet/etc out of the pack for you. A separate hydration pack can usually be taken off without removing helmet/brace/chest protector. But for me, that is a very minor inconvenience compared to the fit, comfort, flexibility of configuration, and lack of shifting.

ZACSpeed packs are extremely well made and stand up to a lot of riding abuse. My original sprint is still going strong (handed down to my kid). These packs aren't inexpensive, but you get what you pay for and for me, they are worth every penny!

Two thumbs up from PB on ZACSpeed packs!
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Re: ZAC Speed Hydration Packs In Stock

Postby millicat » Fri Jul 26, 2019 8:09 pm

Thanks Don and Andrzej, the Zac Speed product is great, incredibly well built, versatile and very long lasting. I first brought their armour into Canada 12+ years ago, i know few people who still have those original packs and continue to use them regularly!

We have Zac Speed Recon and Sprint packs in stock, along with optional chest protectors, Matrix tool pouch, Tech Vest, Camera Harness, it's all designed to work together, allowing you to customize it for your needs. If you haven't seen it, swing by the store and try it on, you'll be pleasantly surprised with its versatility!
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